Dirk Swartz Land of Voices

"Land of Voices" is the musical culmination of a lifelong love and passion for great songs and great artists. From the time I was a small boy I was mesmerized by what I heard on AM radio and the treasured vinyl on my Mom and Dad's Zenith console stereo. I literally taught myself to sing and mimic voices by listening to John, Paul & George, Cat Stevens, Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot, Donovan, Simon & Garfunkel, Johnny Cash, etc... As a shy kid growing up in rainy Seattle it was a perfect place for me to visit... a beautiful sunny landscape where everyone sang & harmonized and played instruments... truly a "Land of Voices."

In later years as I became a professional musician, playing in bands and touring, I always had IMMENSE respect for those people who could "carry a room" with just a guitar and their voice, or a piano... "I could never be that guy" I would tell myself, "too much pressure"... I was always in bands where there was comfort and less risk in my mind. Then it happened. One night in the not so recent past I was at a gig with an acoustic trio, and got the call that neither of the other two guys could make it. My heart was pounding but at the same time I realized that fate had stepped in. That night went amazingly well, I got another nice solo job, and the rest is history...

"Land of Voices" is my effort to pay homage to those great singer/songwriters, both past and some present... to take you to a place that only a memorable vintage song can take you... to trigger emotions tied to these songs from the very first time you heard them... to find out how truly great a song is by stripping it down to just a man and his guitar... I hope you enjoy your visit.