Dirk Swartz Land of Voices
The first record Dirk ever remembers hearing was Johnny Cash's "I Walk the Line". "Johnny Cash wears special pants to sing like that!" his Dad told him. Dirk didn't understand at the time... Later he and his father were watching the Bee Gees on Don Kirshner's rock concert, around 1972-1973. "I'll bet they sit down to pee!" his father remarked. Again, Dirk was confused... Dirk's instrumental journey began with the violin at age 7, until he found out it was a good way to get beat up. He decided on a manlier approach and picked the biggest horn he could carry, a trombone. He and the trombone parted ways at age 11, when after being enthralled by his mother's record collection, which included the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Donovan, Cat Stevens, and more, he soon discovered there weren't many opportunities for trombonists. Though it made a fine weapon, he decided to switch to guitar, as his Mom had a Gibson jumbo body (no offense Mom!) He and that Gibson became fast friends, and armed with some chords and yodeling instruction from his mother, he was on his way...

Dirk hit the road right after graduation at age 17, and played professionally in the region for a decade or sowhile nearly drinking himself to death. On his 26th birthday Dirk was "delivered" from an addiction that was killing him. At age 30 Dirk "retired" from the club scene to co-form the hard rock group Soul Patrol, which had great local success in the 90's and were nearly signed to a label in 1993. Dirk has fronted 70s-80s tribute Big Hair Revolution for many successful years, and "did time" in the bands Gladhammer and Smash Hit Carnival. He occasionally works as a "hired gun" for other bands/artists and loves that!

Dirk's ability to mimic or "caricaturize" the voices of famous singers, along with his love of vintage music trivia, combine with a gift for "repurposing" amazing songs as solo acoustic gems. His unique talents have served him well and are finally coming to full fruition now in "Land of Voices"... for more info please  contact Land of Voices/Dirk Swartz.