Dirkistan I've been a professional musician since age 17, and have performed literally thousands of shows over three decades. I have excellent references available at any time, and here are some links to clients, friends and family that I've partnered with and still create for.

Chaps Diner and Bakery  My regular Wednesday nite gig and I built the website, amazing place, very creative lady!

Big Hair Revolution  This is my 70s 80s tribute band, rocking nearly every weekend for the last 7 years! Built the site of course and promo video.

Joel Brantley  Musician, entertainer, public speaker and talented friend. Built this site for him and produced his album and promo video.

Forever Green Illumination  LED lighting specialists! Built this site with state of the art technology.

iMpro  My former media company with good variety of examples of my work. Will be doing a much needed rebuild in the near future.

Door of Hope  My wife's band. These rockin' ladies do great ministry work while singing like angels! Built the site (needs makeover as they just came out of retirement) and recorded 2 full length albums for them.